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A Few Important Notes About Zia Lucia's Video Blog

So Listen Up!

These videos represent the most common types of dreams, so you might very well recognize your own dream described here. All the dreams in these videos are based on real dreams that Zia Lucia has interpreted. However, specific information and any identifiable details have been changed to prevent any possible embarrassment of those who have asked for help. We don't want anyone to view this blog and have any unpleasant surprises: "OMG, OMG, Zia Lucia put my dream on her website!!!"

On the other hand, quite of few dreamers have asked Zia to give video talks about their dreams.  That's great fun! Of course, our accountant insists that only clients whose fees are up to date may be considered. But never mind that - somehow we never seem to run out of really interesting dreams. Also, no dreams will be accepted that could insult, demean or in anyway cause harm to any individual or group. Zia won't even consider any dreams related to politicians, although the rest of us can't figure out why. They're fair game as far as we're concerned. But those are her rules, and we need to keep her happy.