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But I can't be PREGNANT! It's impossible!

Dear Zia Lucia, last night I had the most realistic dream I've ever had! I was pregnant, my tummy was so big and I felt the baby moving and everything. Then all of a sudden the baby was coming out, and I was in this big bed with my mom and my granny and all these other women around me, and then I had my daughter in my arms, and she was soooooo beautiful and I loved her soooooo much! Then I woke up, and I  miss my baby so much I can't stand it! But I CAN'T BE PREGNANT, because I'm a virgin and I don't even have a boyfriend so WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Zia Lucia writes:
Oh, sweetie, don't be upset! It seems that around the age of 14 or 15, many girls have dreams about being pregnant. There's really no mystery here. Once a girl's body begins her cycle of hormones, nature sets the course and the body is primed and physically ready to make babies. But in our society, girls in their young teens definitely are not ready for motherhood in any other way - emotionally, mentally, socially or financially. We could chalk up such dreams to precocious hormones and say, "That's that!" Or we could look a little deeper. 

There is an old saying: "the boy is the father of the man."  This means that the thoughts, dreams and actions of the child create the adult that child will become. All the things that the teen-aged girl does, the decisions she makes, the friends she keeps and the skills she develops all shape the adult woman she will eventually become. The sleeping mind transforms this reality into a developing baby - a pregnancy. So in these dreams of being pregnant, the young girl is "developing" and "giving birth" to herself as the woman she will be. 

Growing up is a lot like being pregnant. Neither process can be hurried; making a baby takes 40 weeks. Growing up takes many years. The pregnant mother needs good nutrition, plenty of rest, and careful medical attention. In the same way, the developing teenager needs good nutrition, plenty of rest, and careful guidance and education. Each process can be rather scary and sometimes painful, but they both have excellent chances of success.

Dreaming of being pregnant when that is highly unlikely? No problem - just take good care of yourself and expect wonderful things!

Not quite the same as your dream? No problem.  Tell me your dream  so I can interpret it for you, privately.

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What Do These Dreams Mean?

Dear Zia Lucia,
I've had the same dream now, four nights in a row! In the first dream I was holding a baby kitten, and playing with it and feeding it with a baby bottle. Then the next night, it was the same dream, only I was holding a baby. Then I had the same dream, only I was pregnant before the baby appeared, then last night I dreamed that I was pregnant, then going through the labor with blood and everything, then I was in the hospital holding this huge, enormous baby.  What do these dreams mean? I'm nowhere near ready to have a baby! I know my boyfriend loves me and everything, but he's still in school and our parents would kill us. What should I do?

Zia Lucia Says:
My dear, if you are sexually active, you should get yourself to the nearest drugstore for a home pregnancy test. Our dreams are always affected by bodily conditions and hormone levels, and the dreams you describe are very suggestive of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you must face facts and get the best medical care possible and take care of yourself so that you and your baby are safe and healthy. If you are not pregnant, then take responsibility for yourself and use protection from now on, every time. Listen to your old Aunt Lucy, on this one. If you are ready for adult entertainment, you must also be ready for adult consequences. Be careful; be safe; be healthy.

About those Psychic Dreams ...

I'm So Scared for My Baby!

Dear Zia Lucia,
I'm having the most awful nightmares about my pregnancy! This is my first baby and I haven't had a lot of trouble other than morning sickness and the usual stuff. But now that my due date is getting close, my dreams are scaring me to death! I dream that my baby dies, or that she's strangled by the cord, or something else horrible happens, I don't even want to describe what I've dreamed! Please help me, I don't know what to do to save my baby!

Zia Lucia responds,
Not to worry, child, you are all upset over nothing. These dreams are scary, but, believe it or not, they are both natural and healthy. Although it makes no logical sense, doctors have observed that mothers-to-be who have frightening nightmares about delivery actually have easier deliveries with fewer complications than mothers without bad dreams. Yes, that is true. The research connecting bad dreams with safer childbirth go back to 1986. (Here is a very good site with lots of information specifically about dreams during pregnancy.) The theory is that the fearful dream experience allows the pregnant woman to "practice" her response to a problem or emergency. Consequently, she is more relaxed and confident when she really goes into labor. Whatever the reason, the truth is that your bad dreams are likely to have a good impact on you and your baby. So set your fears aside. You are doing a great job and you will be a terrific mommy.

Need to talk about your own dream? I'm right here, and we can discuss it privately right away.  Tell me your dream.

But I'm a Guy - Dreaming I'm Pregnant!

Dear Zia Lucia,
This dream is really bugging me because it doesn't make any sense at all. I'm a hard working guy, working 80 hours a week at a business that is just getting off the ground. I don't have much of a social life, but I've got plenty of friends and things are going pretty good for me. Suddenly I'm having these dreams about being pregnant and having a baby. So what the heck is that about?

Zia Lucia responds:
Silly boy, you've already answered your own question. Your brand new business is your "baby," of course. Exactly like a pregnant mom, you conceived a wonderful idea, nurtured it and watched it develop until, like a newborn baby, here it is for all the world to see! But now, exactly like a new mother - or father, in your case - you have to take care of your new "baby" day and night. You have lots of worries and problems, like any young parent, but you also have the joy of watching your business / baby grow and mature. You have every right to be a proud papa. Congratulations!