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Can Dreams Predict the Future?

Yes and no. Technically, dreams cannot see into the future through any magical or supernatural means. However, they can "forecast" the future in exactly the same way the weather report can forecast next week's storms. The subconscious mind, which produces dreams, often picks up and remembers subtle hints and patterns of behavior that the conscious mind overlooks or forgets. It can use this information to predict the outcome of events already set in motion, creating the appearance of seeing into the future.

Here's an example: Melissa's Dad had been bringing home a lot of papers from the office, and while the rest of the family relaxed in front of the television, Dad was shut up in his office, working. One morning as he was driving her to school, Melissa complained that she hated going to school everyday. "Well, I hate going to work everyday, so that makes us even," Dad said. At about the same time, Melissa noticed several brochures from Chicago in the mail. After that, she saw fat envelops from different Chicago companies in the mail several times a week. Her Mom began to make comments about not being able to find what she wanted in the local stores, and how nice it would be to live in a "real city."  Then one night, Melissa dreamed that Dad quit his job, Mom sold the house, and they all moved to a condo in Chicago. About a month later, Dad really did quit his job and announced that the family was moving to Chicago.

Did Melissa's dream foresee the future? Not at all. The clues about Dad quitting his job and her parents' thinking about Chicago had been obvious for several months. Melissa's attention might have been on other things, but her subconscious mind knew exactly what was going on. The dream was just her mind's way of saying, "Hey, wake up, you're about to move to Chicago!"


Insight Into the Unseen

Dear Zia Lucia,

I've been worried ever since I started having this dream a week ago and it's come back every night since. I dreamed that I was driving to a prayer breakfast at our church really early in the morning, and I remember that I looked at the speedometer and it said I was going exactly 68 miles per hour. I was about to turn into the parking lot of the church when a big black car crossed into my lane and crashed into the side of my car. I actually felt the car door crush in against me, and it hurt horribly. Then there were flashing lights and people shouting, and I don't know how, but I saw them take my body away. Then I saw myself in the hospital with doctors everywhere, and I tried but couldn't get back into my body. I saw my fiance and my mother, and they were both crying, then I heard a doctor tell them I was dead, and they started screaming.

What can this dream mean? Am I going to die in a car wreck? Am I seeing my own death?

Zia Lucia's response:

I'm not surprised you are terrified by this dream, but I think I can give you some reassurance. Precognitive dreams are very, very rare. It is much more likely your dream is about the past rather than the future, perhaps something connected with the number 68.  Think back through your family history; did this dream start occurring on the anniversary of someone's death? Did anything unusual happen to your or a member of your family in 1968? Look for connections like this, and the dream may lose some of its terror.

Thank you so much. After reading what you said, I called up my mom. She told me 1968 was the year my older brother died in an accident. He was hit by a black limo that crushed the driver's side of his car. We ended up talking a long time on the phone about my brother; I never knew him because I was an infant when he died.  Now I understand why this dream meant so much to me.

Here was a dream that appeared to describe something terrible in the future. Yet when the dreamer looked closer, it turned out to be describing the past. In a way, this dream is just as "psychic" as if it had foreseen the future, because the dreamer had no conscious memory of the events in his dream. This dreams teaches us a lot about the subconscious mind and how family secrets are rarely secrets at all. It is very likely that the parents of this young man thought that as an infant, he was entirely too young to be aware of the tragedy and grief the family experienced in 1968. Obviously, the child's mind absorbed quite a lot of the feelings and grief in his home, and these things all came to the surface decades later in his dreams.

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Did I See My Soul-Mate?

Dear Zia Lucia,

I dreamed about this guy two years ago, but I didn't know him and had never seen him before. Last week I saw him at the Mall. He was working in like a card shop, and we started talking and it was like we'd known each other forever. He's older than me, but he is exactly like I dreamed he would be. So did my dream come true? Did it predict the future? And is this guy my soul-mate?
Purple Princess

I'm so glad you asked, Princess,

But the answer to all your questions is No. Let me try to explain.

The dream you had two years ago was a reflection of your own idea of an attractive guy. Your subconscious mind created the image out of your own imagination. That guy in your dream was never a real person at all.

To complicate matters, memories of dreams are fluid - that means they change very easily. When you wake up, you might have only a vague idea what the dream was about. Later in the day, you might hear a song on the radio or see something on television that triggers your memory: "Oh, yeah, I dreamed about this really nice guy." Later, when you tell your best friend about the dream, you realize that you remember more about it, "He was really tall and had the most beautiful eyes... "  But you are not actually remembering the original dream. Rather, your memory of the dream develops as you think about it.

Then last week you happened to see a guy at the Mall who had some of the attributes you find attractive. In the moment you caught sight of him, maybe your imagination made the connection with the dream: "Holy Cow, that's the guy I saw in my dream!" Or more likely, you started talking with him and decided that he was pretty cute, and he seemed to like you, too. THEN your mind jumped to the memory of the dream, and suddenly it seems as if this is EXACTLY the same guy as you saw in your dream two years ago.

But no. You are not experiencing a dream-come-true. You are experiencing a trick of the memory very typical of dreams. The guy is not your soul-mate. And if he actually is significantly older than you and has any sense at all, he will not encourage your infatuation. Safety first, dear princess.


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I Witnessed A Murder - Am I Psychic?

Please, Zia Lucia, I'm really scared!

I've had other dreams come true, like one time I dreamed that I would go to the movies, and the next morning my husband said he wanted to get a baby sitter so we could go out together. Another time I dreamed someone was suffocating, and the next week my cousin had a terrible asthma attack and had to go to the emergency room. So I've sort of wondered if I'm psychic.

Last night I dreamed that I was at a bar, which is totally weird because I don't even drink. I was dressed like a slut, which is also totally opposite of who I am. I could even smell and taste the beer I was drinking. Then I took this man by the hand - he was sort of tall and mostly bald with a red beard and a blue work shirt - and I led him out back to an alley. He pushed me up against the wall and began touching me, which was horrible. I somehow pulled out a knife and stabbed him in his private parts.

He pulled away and tried to scream, only he choked and fell down dead! I reached down and took his wallet and watch and some jewelry. Then I remember running through the rain, laughing like a mad woman.

The next morning while I was making breakfast for the kids, I heard on the news that someone was murdered during the night at a bar only half a mile from our house! I don't know what to do. My cousin says that I should call the police because I could give them a description of the murderer and all the details, and that this might be my gift from God to help people. But I'm not sure. What if the police think I'm crazy? Please tell me what to do!

Don't panic, Abundance, dear,

Before deciding that you had a psychic dream, you have some basic homework to do.

First, you need more information about the real murder. After all, someone is murdered somewhere every night. You could dream about a murder at any time at all and have a 100% chance of the dream coinciding with someone being killed somewhere.  You need to find out if the real victim was a bald man with a red beard and a blue shirt. Was he stabbed and found in an alley? For all you know, the actual murder victim might have been a blond woman who was shot in the Ladies' Room.

Second, you have no information the police do not already have. They know the appearance of the victim and what that person was wearing. They already know where the victim was killed and whether valuables were stolen. They need to know who the killer was, which you do not know. You did not see the face of the killer in your dream, and you do not know the cause of death. (Being stabbed in the private parts would be painful, but not fatal.)

Finally, I'm sorry to tell you that the other dreams you describe are not psychic at all. I suspect you and your husband had been talking about movies, so it is not surprising that your dream anticipated his suggestion. And if your cousin is prone to asthma attacks, a trip to the ER would not be unusual during allergy season.

But since you ask what to do, I will be daring and suggest that you try to get out of the house more often just for fun. Going to the movies should not be so rare that it feels supernatural, and the person suffocating in your dream might be your sociable self. A dream of wearing sexy clothes to a bar could be your mind's way of releasing some stress in the safety of sleep. Even stabbing a pushy man could be a healthy release of pent-up anger, again, in the perfect innocence of a dream.

Instead of finding excitement in psychic dreams, try having a little excitement in real life. Your husband might even surprise you by being a little wild himself.