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Everybody Dreams

Dream interpretation is for everyone because everyone dreams several times a night. However, most of us remember only a few of those dreams, and few of those remembered dreams have clear meaning. Some dreams only reveal their meaning through skillful interpretation.

Dreams are produced by the subconscious mind during specific stages of the sleep cycle. Many dreams are what I call "brain lint;"  they merely rehash the thoughts and experiences of the previous day. Other dreams could be described as practice or rehearsal of different ways of solving problems. Yet other dreams involve symbols in which each image represents something else. Those symbols can be interpreted to learn what they represent. For example, the Bald Eagle is a symbol that represents the United States.

These symbolic dreams often contain messages that the subconscious mind sends to the conscious, waking mind. Repetitive dreams that occur over and over usually contain this type of message. Once the dreamer figures out what the dream represents, it stops occurring.

Guiding Principles

When I interpret any dream, I rely on the guidelines described by the pioneering psychologist Carl Jung. One of his principles is that the symbols contained in each dream are unique to that dreamer.  Different individuals might have very similar dreams, each including the image of a green fish, for example. Yet that green fish would mean something very different in the dream of a 13 year-old girl than it would mean in the dream of a 46 year-old man or a 72 year-old woman. Not only one's gender and age but one's interests, relationships and countless other factors make each dream as distinctive as the individuals who dream them.  

image of Carl G. Jung courtesy of The C. G. Jung Society of Halifax
original photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson, c. 1959

By any of my pen names - Starrskitchen.com or Zia Lucia or Abuela Estrella - I am a writer, editor, educator and scholar. My work is widely published in books, newspapers and magazines, as a ghostwriter as well as with my own by-line, in both the religious and the secular press. While making no claim to be a therapist or psychologist, I served many years in the faith community providing pastoral care, advocacy and counsel.

Most recently I have been working pro bono for information websites including WikiAnswers.com and Yahoo!Answers.com. The opportunity to share knowledge learned through a long life is intensely rewarding. Now my hope is that this website will expand my work as well as create supplementary income to support hearth and home during this economically troubled time. And who knows? A wise man taught me long ago the people value what costs them money. If fees encourage my clients to listen to their dreams, I'll gladly set fees from absurdly affordable to shockingly dear!

Dream interpretation is something I learned in seminary, where I studied while getting that graduate degree for my husband. We both took the theology and biblical history courses, we both studied the ancient languages, we both learned the techniques of pastoral care and performed our Clinicals in local medical centers. I wrote books to pay the bills, he received the degree and ordination. Because my husband is now a nationally recognized figure within a main-line Protestant church, I prefer to continue my own work outside the spotlight. The sad reality is that even within the supposedly progressive Christian community, there are those who would use my work to attack my husband and his work.  So with deepest apologies, I will remain not-to-deeply under cover.

Disclaimer: Information provided on this website is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and is not intended as a substitute for treatment by your physician, psychologist, therapist or other health care professional. No one should use any information or comments on this website for diagnosing or treating any physical, emotional or mental problem or disease.